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247. Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It

Lew Rockwell talks to Gary Taubes on how to get thin by disobeying the Department of Agriculture and the medical establishment.

This is super important stuff; the government shouldn’t be in the business of setting partisan and totally controversial standards. Again we see the collusion between government and industry, advancing agenda’s which skew the market, to the detriment of actual health standards within the community.

Coolest juicer ever


What a fantastic juicer! I do feel it is important to not overdo the whole juicing thing, especially with the more sugary fruits, though is general I think a good juice, particulary mixed, a few times per week, is a great dietaey addition. Don’t forget that this particular regiment is part of a cancer therapy (Gerson Technique). 

A Better Story « tom.basson

Unfortunately the story our culture is telling us is the story of comfort and security- “get comfortable so you can avoid pain”. Now, that’s not a terrible story, but it’s really not the greatest either. And of course there is nothing wrong with wanting security and comfort, but it cannot be the main theme of our story. There needs to be something more. Something worth fighting for.

I really believe there is such a yearning in our world, and especially in the younger generation, to be liberated from the mediocrity of safe bets – to be delivered from the prison of triviality that is so rife in our culture.

You were not designed to simply survive life. God didn’t come to make you safe, he came to make you brave.


The Relaxed Soul on Seeing with Different Eyes | Relax Into Success

Remember to keep your inner child alive and well… even when people chastise your child and call you crazy!

Bloody hell that’s true

Mindful Eating: The Art of Being Present at the Dinner Table | Mark’s Daily Apple

As a discipline, mindfulness training for the table becomes a meditation on the food itself. Participants learn to study their food – its feel, its weight, its appearance, its dimensions, its texture and taste. Chewing is slow and intentional. Time is spent on each morsel. Sometimes a meal for this purpose is all of three raisins or a single tangerine.

While I can’t say I’m sure I’d have the patience to get through one of those seminars, I commend the underlying purpose. We’ve relinquished the enjoyment of our food as we have other sensory and physical pleasures in our society. What’s sad is we don’t even realize it. We’ve written off the experience of honest to goodness dining. I’ll find myself at a good restaurant or a friend’s elaborate sit-down dinner celebration, and somebody (or bodies) will be checking their phones. (Is there an emoticon for this?) Our society seems to go ever further down the distractibility path, and our eating (like much else) is the worse for it.

It’s all about balance. When one pays attention to one’s food, both in regards to what we are eating as well as how, just making sure that whatever one is doing whilst eating is not a total distraction, then I think that’s a good course of action.

Wal-Mart Healthy Labels: (Not) Great for You – CSU Signal

A large number of the products that will receive the new label are the brands Marketside and Great Value—trademarked exclusively by Wal-Mart. By having the “Great for You” label attached to their lesser known items, Wal-Mart is ultimately trying to compete against the more popular name brand food products on the market. As long as their latest “buy me” scheme is in the in the name of good health and nutrition, the average consumer won’t really care—right?

If the government/FDA (the phrase ‘special interest lobbying’ springs to mind) wasn’t promoting specific, often flawed health-food recommendations, which the federal level has no constitutional business being involved in, such companies couldn’t take advantage of the few shreds of trust which government agencies may still enjoy.

The absurdity of Michelle Obama campaigning for the health of the nation’s citizens, also becomes apparent when one considers that she is an indirect functionary in a government which seems to be doing everything in its power to socialise/distort the health sector, smashing competition and building monopolies.

California Raisins to highlight expo

California Raisins’ nutrition research director and science advisor James Painter will deliver a presentation about the nutritional benefits of all-natural, sun-dried California raisins. Raisins will be contrasted against highly processed, sugar-added dried fruit imitators.

Painter will explore the untold story and consequences of excessive added sugar consumption in today’s American diet. He will be speaking at the expo’s VIP reception on March 7 and at a free California Raisin-sponsored kick-off breakfast starting at 7 a.m. the following morning.

People really need to understand the difference between artificially and naturally sugary foods. It’s imbalance which is at the root of so many health issues, and watching out that one focuses on natural sugar, fructose, which can be more sustainably absorbed by the body, is an important part of maintaining a sugar balance.

Raisin Meditation – It’s all out there!

During the first class of the eight week course at St Anne’s, participants were each given two raisins, and spent ten minutes being guided through what was probably the slowest snack that any of us had ever eaten. We paid attention to the raisins’ texture, smell, and impact on the eye, and chewed it gradually, noticing how new flavours were released on each bite. Several participants said they had never enjoyed any snack as much as those raisins.

Wow, this is really cool – I never thought of doing this with food before, I suppose raisins are multifaceted enough to be interesting over a longer period of time. 🙂

How Might Inflammation Cause Heart Disease? by Mark Sisson

Despite its obsessive focus on cholesterol levels as the ultimate arbiter of cardiovascular disease, most of the medical field agrees that plenty of other factors also contribute: tobacco usage, psychosocial stress, activity level, and genetic predispositions. In short, a diverse set of lifestyle and genetic factors are consistently associated with cardiovascular disease. This is accepted in the ancestral health community, just as it’s accepted in the mainstream medical community, but the question remains – why? Why does stress contribute to heart disease? How does smoking tobacco increase the risk of heart disease? Why are both the sedentary and the overtrained at a higher risk for heart disease?

This ‘obsessive focus’ on cholesterol is a perfect example of the oversimplification and subsequent categorisation which has infested mainstream medicine…

Health Benefits of Raisins | Relax Into Success

Raisins are great little powerhouses of nutrition and are really good for making you more alkaline and boosting your energy levels. Raisins contain a lot of iron and A and B vitamins and also manganese and potassium that are wonderful when it comes to creating alkalinity. Raisins are good for your skin, hair, arthritis, gout, and because they are full of copper and iron they are very good for healthy red blood cells. Full of antioxidants Raisins are great for protecting your body from bacteria and viruses, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. They contain calcium and boron, which are needed for strong bones and teeth… and Raisins can help prevent macular degeneration. And Raisins contain oleanolic acid which helps prevent the build up of oral bacteria… and the fiber in Raisins can lower your cholesterol. Plus they have no salt and fat… and are full of great energy!

Simple and to the point! Nice little post…