What to do about indigestion

Digestion is the means by which the body transforms food into the energy and nutrients it needs to build, repair and fuel itself. Most of us assume that whatever we put into our mouths is going to be digested and nourish us. However, many different factors can interfere with this process resulting in indigestion.


…Digestive troubles such as gas and bloating are most commonly caused by yeast or fungus overgrowth in the small intestine. Reasons for this overgrowth include not enough stomach acid, too much sugar and white flour, use of antibiotics, etc. Sometimes a good digestive enzyme and a probiotic are enough to “fix” this issue. However, sometimes it is necessary to kill the yeast/fungus and then re-establish proper biology with a good probiotic – it also helps to quit sugar and other foods that metabolize quickly as sugar.

AhaAha – We are eating too much grain and too much sugar; that is why you are fat and unhealthy, I would bet! How long will it take for this to sink (back) in to the mainstream, I wonder? How many fat grandparents or great-grandparents can you recall? Must have been their high-carb, low-fat diets that kept them thin… 🙂

Tell that to the government.

If you’re having issues, stop disrupting your digestion with too much of the wrong stuff.


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