Keeping it real

“Our goal is to provide nutrition education so shoppers can make wise choices about what goes in their grocery carts,” said Larry Blagg, Senior Vice President of Marketing, California Raisin Marketing Board. “Ultimately, we are encouraging consumers to choose all-natural, whole foods like California Raisins, while thinking twice about processed, sugar-added options.”

A nutritional powerhouse, California Raisins are an all-natural, dried-in-the-sun, no-sugar-added fruit with fiber, potassium and antioxidants. The ingredient label says it all: raisins. Because California Raisins are wholesome, healthy and come by their sweetness naturally, they are eligible to carry the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s Fruit & Veggies — More Matters logo(1).

In contrast, while raisins and Craisins® Dried Cranberries may sound the same, that is where the similarities stop. Craisins® contain at least 40 percent added sugar — about as much as in an eight-ounce serving of regular soda(2). In fact, because of the added sugar in Craisins®, the product is not eligible for the Fruit & Veggies — More Matters distinction(1).

Additionally, some nutrients such as potassium and vitamin C are virtually eliminated during the manufacturing process required to make Craisins®(2). In terms of direct nutritional comparisons, one of the country’s leading nutrition rating systems, NuVal(3), ranks raisins a healthy 87 on the system’s 100-point scale. Meanwhile, Craisins® rank a 4, which is a lower score than some leading brands of potato chips and chocolate chip cookies.

There’s really no need to add additional sugar to dried fruit, it tastes too artificial and gets sickening after a while. By trying to change cranberries into something they are not, these people are on the wrong side of the food trend.


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