Damn your low fat diet: How a reformed vegan John Nicholson gorges on all the foods his granny enjoyed… and has never felt better | Mail Online

Furious with myself for sticking to the ‘healthy’ eating advice, which was actually far from a sensible diet. But also furious with the so-called experts who have been peddling this low-fat, high-carbohydrate claptrap for so long that no one thinks to question it.

There has clearly been a massive discrepancy between the reality of the research on fat consumption and what is promoted by the government. So here we see another government-commercial collusion to promote certain products over others, supported through the government schools.

The government shouldn’t be in the business of setting ‘standards.’

It does surprise me though that more people don’t see the common sense of not overdoing starchy carbohydrates and grains in general; just as people generally see the sense of not pursuing an exaggerated sugar intake. Many clearly do not make the necessary connection in their mind.


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