Wal-Mart Healthy Labels: (Not) Great for You – CSU Signal

A large number of the products that will receive the new label are the brands Marketside and Great Value—trademarked exclusively by Wal-Mart. By having the “Great for You” label attached to their lesser known items, Wal-Mart is ultimately trying to compete against the more popular name brand food products on the market. As long as their latest “buy me” scheme is in the in the name of good health and nutrition, the average consumer won’t really care—right?

If the government/FDA (the phrase ‘special interest lobbying’ springs to mind) wasn’t promoting specific, often flawed health-food recommendations, which the federal level has no constitutional business being involved in, such companies couldn’t take advantage of the few shreds of trust which government agencies may still enjoy.

The absurdity of Michelle Obama campaigning for the health of the nation’s citizens, also becomes apparent when one considers that she is an indirect functionary in a government which seems to be doing everything in its power to socialise/distort the health sector, smashing competition and building monopolies.


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