Health Benefits of Raisins | Relax Into Success

Raisins are great little powerhouses of nutrition and are really good for making you more alkaline and boosting your energy levels. Raisins contain a lot of iron and A and B vitamins and also manganese and potassium that are wonderful when it comes to creating alkalinity. Raisins are good for your skin, hair, arthritis, gout, and because they are full of copper and iron they are very good for healthy red blood cells. Full of antioxidants Raisins are great for protecting your body from bacteria and viruses, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. They contain calcium and boron, which are needed for strong bones and teeth… and Raisins can help prevent macular degeneration. And Raisins contain oleanolic acid which helps prevent the build up of oral bacteria… and the fiber in Raisins can lower your cholesterol. Plus they have no salt and fat… and are full of great energy!

Simple and to the point! Nice little post…


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