Boost your immune system naturally!

I know I may ignite some fiery opposition with this statement, but the flu vaccine is at best completely useless, and at worst completely dangerous. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. A flu vaccine does not ward off the flu, and if you take a look at what is actually in a vaccine it is easy to see why they do the body harm. But I won’t go into that today. covers the dangers of vaccines beautifully, if you are keen to read more on them. Today I want to take a positive spin and tell you about some things you can be doing to boost your immune system and give yourself natural protection against colds and flus. We don’t need a toxic needle to do what our bodies are designed to do by themselves.

Excellent article on boosting one’s immune system naturally. The fact that we have, and governments are trumpeting a ‘flu vaccine,’ is just another absurd example of a society which increasingly ignores the fundamentals of health and consequently turns to dangerous fixes for the ensuing problems, this in turn creating more problems, perpetuating a viscous cycle.

In this case we see what is supposed to be a preventative remedy; I wonder why the medical establishment doesn’t show any preventative foresight when it comes to natural preventative living. I’ll leave you to answer that one.

We have a medical establishment which has greatly lost touch with the fundamentals of human health; how many doctors would give you a common-sense list as you find in this article, as a measure to boost your immune function? Very few…and this is a damning indictment of the state of mainstream medicine, which is corrupted and monopolised through the medium of government force.

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