Congressman Ron Paul on Health Care


You can’t break the laws of economics – If the government interfers (either through external subsidy and government sponsored monopolies or socialisation) with the equitable delivery of a service, then the market will be distorted and prices will be bidded up through the arbitrary allocation of resources; all whilst driving quality down. Doctors are responsible to patients and medical associations, not government.

What government should be limited to is preventing fraud and providing a voluntary mechanism for medical associations to opt-in to a general standards framework devloped at as local as possible a level and which is directly accountable to and reflects the wishes of the elecorate. If a medical group feels this would be of benefit in solidifying the scope and trust of a particular clientel, then this option may provide them with a stronger market position. Government could also provide specific and voluntary group-discount services by virtue of assurance contracts (think “Groupon”).     

More about this soon!


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