GMOs—the Movie | Organic Connections

Many users of natural products know something about GMOs—genetically modified organisms. But because mainstream media has refused to cover the subject, GMOs continue to be in mainstream food products and Americans, unaware of the dangers they present, go on consuming them as part of their diets.

Please watch the trailer for this production – it is truly moving. It’s scandalous that GMO-labeling is not required in the United States. As I have talked about many times in this blog, people need to consider what they are eating in the light of how we are interacting with the natural environment, and how this effects our health and the health of everyone around us. Public awareness is the only way in which meaningful change can come about, ignorance is devastating.

Here in Australia we have much greater public awareness of GMO’s, and it shows – GMO labeling is mandatory and almost all GMO crops are banned.


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