The benefits of raisins in dieting

Raisins are inexpensive, convenient, easy to store and offer many nutritional benefits. Whether you eat raisins as a snack or use them as ingredients in recipes, this dehydrated fruit is a healthful food. When watching your calories, however, you may be concerned about whether raisins are bad for your diet because they contain a high concentration of natural sugars. As long as you limit your portion size, raisins can be a flavorful, satisfying addition to most diets.

Good dieting is about eating smarter and the foods that help you accomplish this.
I am also a firm believer that one should always enjoy one’s food; even if there is not much of it, or it is not the usual, our food should be eaten with interest – I think that is an important factor in our health, because our perception and experience with food has wide-reaching implications.

Raisins fit the bill because they combine good nutrition and a healthy does of concentrated natural sugar in a small volume. Thus they are a convenient taste stimulant, to be used as a targeted addition in a smarter diet.


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