Eat Your Medicine: Food as Pharmacology

The limited knowledge of Western science about food is overshadowed by the centuries old Chinese wisdom of medicinal foods to fill the belly, nourish the soul and heal the body. If we recognize that we all chi yao or eat medicine, then achieving robust health may not be such a bitter pill to swallow.

It’s so important that we are aware of the corrupt corporate-government-economic dynamics which have brought about the degeneration of mainstream western health culture, and stifle societal advancement in general.

If there is even a relatively small percentage of people who do NOT see food as medicine maintaining the intricate functions of the body, who view food as nothing much more than a source of energy to keep one going throughout the day, and subsequently turn to supplements and drugs when things inevitably go wrong (there are many varying degrees of this attitude), then society is sick, very sick.

The junk ‘food’ and pharmaceutical industries maintain a vested interest in perpetuating artificial, simplified, highly categorised and compartmentalised thought concerning food and one’s health in general. Only a view of food which is removed from reality and rests on a profound ignorance of the scope of one’s body’s requirements, can compel anyone who does not have a death-wish to regularly consume so-called ‘fast’ food junk.

The same general mind-frame will allow people to accept symptom-based treatment and drugs through an absurd degree of categorical analysis (the more diseases which can be conjured up, the more money can be made selling drugs which claim to treat these diseases) by manner of the pharmaceutical industry’s biased and at times corrupt minions in the health sector, facilitated through generally anti-competitive, interventionist government (e.g mandatory medical associations, and treatment-specific medicare) and brought to you by the media propaganda machine. The many honest and broadly/soundly educated physicians out there need all the help they can get in order to change the nature of the mainstream medical sector, pushing up against a medical system which is ultimately intolerant of free thinkers.

These forces continually attempt to ensure that holistic, causal treatment is allowed as little attention and credibility as possible, as the more simple and/or far-reaching and independently-exercised a treatment is, the more discredited the junk-criminals become and the less power their pharmaceutical bed-fellows can entertain, as healthy citizens are not returning customers.

We must fight these forces an all fronts, spreading the knowledge which allows people to see through the socio-political-economic status-quo which commits wholesale brainwashing of as many people as possible for the sole material benefit of those immoral and deluded individuals at the top of their corrupt house of cards. At the same time government must be pruned and reformed, allowing the medical sector to become as free and competitive as possible, as part of restoring the free-market and laying the foundation for the return of sound money.

I will discuss this in more detail in future posts.


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