The problem with supplements…

Americans sure do love their vitamins and supplements. Every year, we spend a whopping $20 billion on them. But if you think all that cash is going to buy you a longer life, think again.

There is no doubt that whole-food is superior to any supplement, which are indeed just that…supplements ideally only to be used in specific situations. People tend at times to forget that nature’s produce supplies everything we need and that our body has evolved to extract required nutrients from a balanced diet, taking advantage of the WHOLE-food, with all the accompanying power of natural synergism. Looking at the nutrition of raisins as an example, we see the great complexity which supports the body expressed through a myriad of substances working together, many of which, as in the case of phytonutrients, we are no where near to understanding in any manner which could be described as well-rounded and informed.

The fixation on supplements has taken on ridiculous proportions and is entirely removed from reality. Billions of dollars are spent each year on all manner of supplements, whilst health-care costs are consistently on the rise.

This is a sign of a culture that has its priorities wrong; we need to focus on our agriculture and lifestyle to provide the highest quality, varied and rich diet, which naturally supplies the body with what we require, promotes balance and supports our biological functions – rather than having the presumption to expect that we can sustainably maintain good all-round health, as expressed through the infinite complexity of the body, by designing and consuming pills and capsules – an absurd concept.

Unless we are supporting specific deficiencies in a manner which naturally aids the body in its own production of the required compound, like perhaps in regards to wide-spread glutathione depletion, supplements should be seen as inherently short-term and approached with the utmost caution.

In general, before you take a supplement, my advice would be to make sure you have exhausted all the alternatives.


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