Demand for whole-food natural products is on the rise

According to Natural Balance Food’s Managing Director Jamie Combs, the main reason why the company decided to come up with these two bold flavours is because of the increasing demand for whole food products that are natural. Combs added that the company feels more confident that the products will achieve success in the confectionery industry. The products’ unique taste will also provide consumers with a new direction, one that offers an option for healthy snacking.

This strikes me as a very clever idea; taking the powerful base of raisins nutrition and further infusing this with natural products of other fruits to increase variety and provide interesting taste experiences.

Improvements in general health awareness are certainly having an effect – I often hear people saying that there is increasing demand for products which are as natural as possible. Indeed, products like this are the result of the realisation that quality will ultimately always win out. The more companies that get with this trend early, the more success we are going to see.

Considering the patent failures of the junk food industry and the burgeoning consequences of a culture which thinks it can ignore basic nutritional actualities, more and more people are searching for sustainable, natural food choices which cater both to qualitative taste and nutritional requirements.

As the food culture is changing, from the educational system up, supported by home life which is becoming more aware of the place of healthy eating habits as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, and with a greater focus on supporting community produce to encourage mutual local prosperity, people are becoming accustomed to the taste of superior natural quality and are now increasingly buying according to quality of taste with regard to the underlying nutritional values.

The versatility of supplementing the benefits of raisins with a variety of other natural flavors is just a small taste of the unparalleled opportunity of whole-food products. Turning the ingenuity of our modern world towards new ways of making healthy eating interesting and convenient is the way of the future – leaving the old doctrine of monoculture (trying to force vast tracks of land to produce singular agricultural produce, even when the ecology does not support this) to service highly-processed and artificial quantity-focused production for the sake of anti-ecological global profitability far behind, in a food-market which is increasingly coming back to reality.


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