How To Make Healthy Organic Oatmeal Raisin Cookies | LIVESTRONG.COM

Heart-healthy, fiber-rich and pleasantly satisfying organic oatmeal plus the natural sweetness of organic raisins combine to create a tasty baked treat.

The fact that raisins are healthy as well as very versatile highlights the example of a whole food which contributes to the daily requirement of nutrition from fruit and vegetable sources in a flexible manner; five servings of fruits and vegetables per day does not mean that one needs to find time throughout the day to heap together all those servings (though good on you if you can 🙂 ) –
Foods such as raisins and dates or stewed veggies which can be eaten with bread or as a filling, etc…integrate well; finding ways to weave fruits and vegetables into one’s meals and snacks throughout the day goes a long way toward filling the gap.


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