“Attacking the Obesity Epidemic by First Figuring Out Its Cause”

“‘Convenience’ foods were canned fruits and vegetables, not frozen lasagna or Tater Tots. A typical breakfast was hot or cold cereal sweetened with raisins or fresh fruit, not a Pop-Tart, jelly doughnut or 500-calorie bagel with 200 calories of cream cheese.”


Setting some standards which restrict the advertisement of foods which are of high risk to general health makes a lot of sense, especially in children’s time slots. The fact is that parents can’t police their children all the time and reducing the risk of kids gravitating towards truly irresponsible food and drink is an important consideration to make concerning the manner in which such are advertised.

Taxing in this area is also an option, but I think this should rank below priorities such as sound dietary education which gets kids wanting to look after themselves with healthy, rich foods that are as natural as possible and making sure that industry interests are not permitted to create conditions in the market which artificially favour the production and presentation of their products, such as allowing vital content and production information to remain occluded. 


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