24 tips for packing a healthy, affordable school lunch – St. Louis American: Health News

Practice good nutrition yourself. Children learn by association. You need to be a role model. Discuss with them the benefits of healthy eating.

Excellent lot of tips, this is what a balanced diet is all about! I like the section about making lunch fun; something for all of us there I think, but especially for kids and raisins are certainly a neat way to cater for the little explosions of sweetness that kids love.

Kids generally eat what they know and if they only know junk they will not have developed a more refined taste for what their body really needs. Thus encouraging a balanced and rich diet from the start is hugely important in setting the scene for your child’s future eating habits.

There are so many good foods to explore, learning to appreciate and desire the taste of quality is very important and this leads to greater sensitivity in regards to the signals the body is sending in response to what it is confronted with. The more one becomes used to the feeling of good health and how different foods contribute to this, the more one will be wary of eating habits which will have negative consequences.

Discussing the importance of healthy living with kids and the way different eating habits impact one’s health is a fantastic idea. Kids will be far more enthusiastic about variety and changes and some discipline in what they are eating if this is set in context and it will also make them less likely to be interested in trending along with other people’s eating habits.


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